Designated Survivor (2016)

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In the thrilling TV show, Designated Survivor (2016), Tom Kirkman, an unassuming cabinet member, ascends to the role of US President following a devastating attack during the State of the Union. This catastrophic event eliminates all individuals higher in the Presidential succession line, thrusting Kirkman into the spotlight. Witness his unexpected rise to power and the ensuing political drama in this gripping series.

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Designated Survivor: Season 1 - 21 Episode s

Designated Survivor: 3 Season s

Other names for Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor (US)Designated Survivor. 720p (US)Επιζών της Επόμενης Μέρας (GR)지정 생존자 (KR)Последний кандидат (RU)Дежурный преемник (RU)

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