Dr. STONE (2019)

In a pivotal moment, the entirety of mankind was turned to stone by a dazzling burst of radiance. After countless centuries, the high school student Taiju revives and discovers himself amidst a landscape of petrified figures. But, he's not the only one! His friend Senku, a devotee of science, has been active for a while and possesses an ambitious strategy to reboot civilization leveraging scientific knowledge!


Dr. STONE: Season 1 - 24 Episode s

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Dr. Stone (US)Dr. STONE (US)Dr. STONE: New World (US)Dr. STONE: Stone Wars (US)新石纪 (CN)石纪元 (CN)Dr.STONE (ドクターストーン) (JP)ドクターストーン (JP)Dr.STONE NEW WORLD (JP)Dr.STONE STONE WARS (JP)닥터스톤 (KR)Dr.STONE STONE WARS (KR)Dr. Stone: Novo Mundo, Parte 2 (PT)Dr. Stone: Novo Mundo, Parte 1 (PT)Dr. Pedra: Novo Mundo, Parte 2 (PT)Dr. Pedra: Novo Mundo, Parte 1 (PT)Dr. Stone: Novo Mundo (PT)Dr. Pedra: Novo Mundo (PT)Dr. Stone: Guerras da Pedra (PT)Dr. Pedra: Guerras da Pedra (PT)Dr. Pedra (PT)دكتور ستون (SA)طبيب الحجر (SA)Dr. STONE NEW WORLD 新石紀-新世界 (TW)Dr. STONE 龍水 (TW)Dr. STONE WARS 新石紀 戰爭 (TW)Dr. STONE 新石紀 (TW)Tiến Sĩ Đá (VN)Tiến Sĩ Đá Hồi Sinh Thế Giới (VN)

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