Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta (2013)

In a town where humans and demons co-exist, it takes more than a normal police force to maintain the peace.

Hundreds of years ago, the borders between the worlds of humans and youkai temporarily overlapped, resulting in many residents of both crossing over to the other side. In the years since this event, the city of Sakurashin has become a central hub for all inter-dimensional affairs—a result of both the sacred Seven Pillars around the city serving as a beacon for the youkai, and the efforts of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office in keeping the townsfolk happy. This office is composed of Hime Yarizakura, the young mayor of the city; satori Ao Nanami, who can read people's minds; half-youkai Kotoha Isone, who can summon anything by speaking a word; oni siblings, Kyousuke and Touka Kishi; and the office director Akina Hiizumi, who inherited his family's ability to force youkai back to their world.


Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta: Season 1 - 13 Episode s

Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta: 2 Season s

Other names for Yozakura Quartet: Hana no Uta

hana no uta (US)夜樱四重奏 花之歌 (CN)Yozakura Quartet Hana no Uta (CN)

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