Dynasty (2017)

Stay rich or lie trying.

Explore the intense rivalry between two of America's most affluent families, the Carringtons and Colbys, battling for supremacy over their wealth and offspring. The narrative zooms in on Fallon Carrington, the heiress to billionaire Blake Carrington's empire, and her impending stepmother, Cristal, a Hispanic woman integrating into this elite WASP family and America's dominant social stratum. Experience the power plays, family drama, and opulent lifestyles in the enthralling TV series, Dynasty (2017).


Dynasty: Season 1 - 22 Episode s

Other names for Dynasty

王朝 (CN)豪门是非多 (CN)新豪门恩怨 (CN)卡灵顿家族 (CN)Dynasty (Dinastia) (BR)Dinastia (BR)Δυναστεία (GR)다이너스티: 1%의 1% (KR)

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