Lucifer (2016)

It's good to be bad.

Lucifer Morningstar, once the discontented King of Hell, forsakes his reign to settle in Los Angeles, joining forces with LAPD detective Chloe Decker in a bid to apprehend lawbreakers. However, the more time he spends away from his infernal abode, the more imminent the danger becomes of mankind's vilest elements breaking free. This engaging TV show, Lucifer (2016), presents a unique blend of crime and supernatural elements.

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Lucifer: Season 1 - 13 Episode s

Other names for Lucifer

Λούσιφερ (GR)루시퍼 (KR)魔鬼神探 (TW)Lucifer az Újvilágban (HU)Луцифер (RS)ლუციფერი (GE)لوسيفر (IQ)

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