Moon Knight (2022)

Embrace the chaos.

In the 2022 TV series, Moon Knight, Steven Grant, an unassuming gift-shop worker, grapples with sudden blackouts and recollections of a different existence, revealing his struggle with dissociative identity disorder. He finds he co-inhabits his body with the hardened mercenary, Marc Spector. As their adversaries close in, Steven/Marc are compelled to traverse their intricate identities while plunged into a lethal enigma entwined with the formidable deities of Egypt.

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Moon Knight: 1 Season

Other names for Moon Knight

Moon Knight (US)Marvel's Moon Knight (US)Marvel Studios' Moon Knight (US)月光骑士 (2022) (CN)月光骑士 (CN)אביר הירח (IL)Місячний лицар (UA)Cavaleiro da Lua (BR)Caballero de la Luna (ES)문 나이트 (KR)마블 문나이트 (KR)Moon Knight: Cavaleiro da Lua (PT)月光骑士 (SG)月光騎士 (TW)Moon Knight: Kỵ Sĩ Mặt Trăng (VN)Kalorësi i Hënës (AL)Витез на месечината (MK)فارس القمر (YE)月光骑士 (MO)Լուսնի Ասպետ (AM)

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