Paradise PD (2018)

With cops like these, who needs criminals?

The fresh-faced recruit enthusiastically becomes part of a mismatched, small-town law enforcement team headed by his father. This eccentric police squad stumbles, argues, and laughs through a significant narcotics investigation. Get ready for a dose of hilarity in the 2018 series, Paradise PD, as they navigate through the challenging, yet amusing, world of crime-solving.


Paradise PD: Season 1 - 10 Episode s

Paradise PD: 4 Season s

Other names for Paradise PD

Paradise PD (US)天堂鎮警局 (CN)史上最差差館 (HK)패러다이스의 경찰들 (KR)Полиция Парадайз (RU)無限廢警局 (TW)

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