Russian Doll (2019)

All aboard the crazy train.

In the 2019 TV show, Russian Doll, protagonist Nadia is caught in a mysterious and uncanny time warp, repeatedly experiencing her 36th birthday party. She is confronted with the enigma of her own mortality as she continues to die and resurrect. This surreal series explores the concept of time loops in a fresh and intriguing light.


Russian Doll: 2 Season s

Other names for Russian Doll

轮回派对 (CN)ロシアン・ドール: 謎のタイムループ (JP)Російська лялька (UA)Muñeca rusa (ES)Poupée russe (FR)러시아 인형처럼 (KR)Матрёшка (RU)Matrjoschka (DE)Matrioșka (RO)

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