Snowpiercer (2020)

Prepare to brace.

Set over seven years after the world has transformed into an icy apocalypse, the last vestiges of humanity reside on a colossal, ceaselessly moving train that traverses the globe. This train serves as a microcosm for class struggles, social inequality, and political survival games. Snowpiercer (2020) explores the depths of human nature and survival instincts against the backdrop of a frozen dystopia.


Snowpiercer: Season 1 - 10 Episode s

Other names for Snowpiercer

雪国列车 (CN)רכבת הקרח (IL)スノーピアサー (JP)Снігокол (UA)Крізь сніг (UA)Snowpiercer (ES)末世列車 (HK)설국열차 (KR)Сквозь снег (RU)末日列車 (TW)Ледоломац (RS)قطار یخ‌شکن (IR)قطار برف‌شکن (IR)یخ‌شکن (IR)برف‌شکن (IR)

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