Speech of Silence (2008)

TONG TONG (Tsui Tsz Shan) loses part of her hearing in an accident but she has a positive attitude towards life and she knows how to take good care of others. With the support of her mentor KO MING (Yue Yeung), TONG becomes a voice over talent by utilizing her lip reading ability and she meets another voice talent LEUNG KAI YIN (Ma Kwok Ming) who also has keen interest in the industry. YIN is fond of the leading voice actress YUEN SIU NA (Claire Yiu) and he asks TONG to be his matchmaker. TONG suffers from a lack of confidence to exhibit her love to YIN so she prefers to help achieve his wish.

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Speech of Silence: Season 1 - 20 Episode s

Speech of Silence: 1 Season

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