SPY x FAMILY (2022)

The father... a spy. The mother... an assassin. The daughter... a telepath.

Embark on a thrilling journey with SPY x FAMILY (2022), where the balance of global peace hangs in the balance and the undercover operative Twilight undertakes his most formidable mission. Disguised as a devoted family man, he penetrates an esteemed academy to gain proximity to a prominent political figure. His impeccable disguise is complicated by the fact that his spouse is a dangerous hitwoman, and their true identities remain unknown to each other. The twist in the tale? Their adopted daughter, who happens to be a telepath, knows everything!


SPY x FAMILY: Season 1 - 25 Episode s

SPY x FAMILY: 3 Season s

Other names for SPY x FAMILY

מרגל × משפחה (IL)Spy X Family (JP)スパイファミリー (JP)Spy Family (JP)Spy x Family 2nd (JP)SPY×FAMILY:2022 (JP)간첩 가족 (KR)스파이×패밀리 (KR)스파이 패밀리 (KR)สปาย x แฟมิลี่ (TH)SPY X FAMILY 間諜家家酒 (TW)間諜家家酒 (TW)Сім’я шпигуна (UA)Шпигун × Сім’я (UA)Gia Đình Điệp Viên (VN)عائلة × جاسوس (LY)SPY x FAMILY 間諜家家酒 Season 2 (HK)SPYxFAMILY間諜家家酒Season2 (HK)SPYFAMILY間諜家家酒Season2 (HK)SPY FAMILY 間諜家家酒 Season 2 (HK)间谍家家酒 (CN)间谍过家家 (CN)SPYxFAMILY (FR)Agent x Ailə (AZ)Шпигун × Родина (UA)Шпигун та сім'я (UA)Сім'я × Шпигуна (UA)Spy X Family (FR)

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