Summer of '81 (1981)

Xing Feng is a top model with a passionate and carefree personality. She is only interested in Man Shi Hua, a man who matches her well and is a social celebrity. However, after a fight, Xing Feng meets Ye Jia Cheng, a design student and amateur photographer. They fall in love but their relationship is destroyed by Xing Feng's mother. Later, Man Shi Hua misunderstands Xing Feng's relationship with Ye Jia Cheng and seeks revenge. He distances himself from Xing Feng, leaving her heartbroken. Xing Feng moves in with Ye Jia Cheng and they become a couple. However, when the police investigate a case involving Man Shi Hua, he frames Ye Jia Cheng for it. Xing Feng confronts Man Shi Hua and agrees to spend the night with him in exchange for him dropping the charges against her boyfriend.

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Summer of '81: Season 1 - 20 Episodes

Summer of '81: 1 Season

Other names for Summer of '81

Summer of '61 (US)Summer of '81 (US)