Superman & Lois (2021)

New strength awakens.

In the 2021 TV show, Superman & Lois, the iconic duo, Clark Kent, also known as The Man of Steel, and Lois Lane, tackle their greatest challenge yet. After years of battling supervillains, defending Metropolis from monstrous destruction, and thwarting the plans of alien invaders seeking to annihilate the human race, they now navigate the intricate world of being working parents in modern society. Amidst the stress and pressure, they grapple with the complexities that come with balancing their superhero duties and family life.


Superman & Lois: Season 1 - 15 Episode s

Other names for Superman & Lois

DC's Superman & Lois (US)Superman and Lois (US)超人与露易丝 (CN)超人和露易丝 (CN)סופרמן ולואיס (IL)슈퍼맨 & 로이스 (KR)Süpermen ve Lois (TR)

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