Sweet Tooth (2021)

It ends where it began.

Embarking on a dangerous journey through a post-apocalyptic universe, Sweet Tooth (2021) chronicles the story of a charming hybrid boy, half-human and half-deer, in his quest for a fresh start, under the guardianship of a stern protector. This riveting tale of survival and companionship is not only captivating but also offers a unique take on post-apocalyptic narratives. Set in a world fallen into chaos, our half-deer, half-human protagonist becomes a beacon of hope and resilience.

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Sweet Tooth: Season 1 - 8 Episode s

Sweet Tooth: 3 Season s

Other names for Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth:鹿角男孩 (CN)スイート・トゥース: 鹿の角を持つ少年 (JP)Ласун (UA)Ласун: хлопчик з оленячими рогами (UA)Sweet Tooth: хлопчик з оленячими рогами (UA)Łasuch (PL)Сладкоежка (RU)Sweet Tooth: Мальчик с оленьими рогами (RU)Sweet Tooth: Cậu Bé Gạc Nai (VN)Chlapec s parožím (SK)zaharel:sweet tooth (RO)Sweet Tooth: El niño ciervo (SI)

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