The Last of Us (2023)

When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light.

In the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic world, two decades since the collapse of contemporary society, hardened survivor Joel is commissioned to escort Ellie, a young 14-year-old girl, out of a stifling quarantine area. Their mission, initially perceived as a simple task, rapidly evolves into a profound, emotion-laden odyssey as they are compelled to navigate across the United States, relying on each other to endure. Surviving in the ravaged remnants of the USA, their journey embodies the testament of human resilience in The Last of Us (2023).


The Last of Us: Season 1 - 9 Episode s

The Last of Us: 1 Season

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Other names for The Last of Us

最后幸存者 (CN)האחרונים שמבינינו (IL)האחרונים שביננו (IL)האחרונים מבנינו (IL)ラスアス (JP)ラスト・オブ・アス (JP)ザ・ラスト・オブ・アス (JP)Останні з нас (UA)Los últimos de nosotros (ES)더 라스트 오브 어스 (KR)Одни из нас (RU)The Last of Us | MULTI (SA)ปัจฉิมอเมริกา (TH)Bizden geriye kalanlar (TR)最後生還者 (TW)Những Người Còn Sót Lại (VN)The Last of Us: Последните оцелели (BG)De sidste som os (DK)Paskutiniai iš mūsų (LT)Posledný z nás (SK)Poslední z nás (CZ)آخرین ما (IR)آخرین بازمانده‌ی ما (IR)Les derniers d'entre nous (CH)আমাদের শেষ (BD)Bizdən Geriyə Qalanlar (AZ)

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