Teen Wolf (2011)

Watch your pack.

In the heart of Beacon Hills, high schooler Scott McCall's life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes a werewolf after a fateful bite. Struggling to juggle his newfound identity with typical teen experiences, he finds support in his best friend Stiles, romantic interest Allison - who hails from a lineage of werewolf hunters, and the enigmatic Derek, a fellow werewolf with a murky history. As the series unfolds, Scott's primary goal is to protect his loved ones while sustaining normal relationships, adding a thrilling dimension to his everyday life.

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Teen Wolf: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

Other names for Teen Wolf

Lobo Adolescente (BR)Teen Wolf (IT)Оборотень (RU)Genç Kurt (TR)Тийн вълк (BG)Младият върколак (BG)

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