The Big Bang Theory (2007)

Smart is the new sexy.

Join Sheldon and Leonard, two physics prodigies, as their geeky social world involving their pals Howard and Raj evolves with the arrival of Penny, an ambitious actress, as their new neighbour. The Big Bang Theory, launched in 2007, explores the intriguing dynamics of nerd culture meeting Hollywood dreams. Experience the comedic clash of science and sitcom in this widely acclaimed series.


The Big Bang Theory: Season 1 - 17 Episode s

Other names for The Big Bang Theory

天才理论传 (CN)תאוריית המפץ הגדול (IL)Hamapats hagadol (IL)ビッグバン★セオリー (JP)Big Bang Theory (FR)La teoría del Big Bang (MX)La Teoría del Big Bang (MX)Büyük Patlama Teorisi (TR)Big Bang (CL)Štreberi (RS)Teoria vel'keho tresku (SK)Enfejare Bozorg (IR)Big Bang (CO)

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