Vinland Saga (2019)

Immerse yourself in the legendary world of the Vikings with Vinland Saga (2019), a tale steeped in strength, vengeance, and valor. Follow our protagonist, Thorfinn, the offspring of one of the most formidable Viking warriors, as he hones his battlefield prowess during his boyhood. His journey is fueled by a passionate quest for retribution, a response to the brutal murder of his father. This gripping narrative of familial honor and relentless courage is a testament to the indomitable Viking spirit, making the Vinland Saga a must-watch for fans of historical drama and adventure.


Vinland Saga: Season 1 - 24 Episode s

Vinland Saga: 3 Season s

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Other names for Vinland Saga

冰海战记 (CN)海盗战记 (CN)VINLAND SAGA (JP)ヴィンランド・サガ SEASON2 (JP)ヴィンランドサガ (JP)Vinland Saga (JP)Сага про Вінланд (UA)Saga Winlandzka (PL)Сага о Винланде (RU)ملحمة فينلاند (SA)海盜戰記 (TW)Hải Tặc Chiến Ký (VN)Bản hùng ca Viking (VN)

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