Young Justice (2010)

Don't call them sidekicks.

The Young Justice series (2010) follows teenage superheroes as they endeavor to establish their worth as part of the iconic Justice League. This engaging superhero animation showcases youthful heroes battling evil forces, their journey marked by teamwork, bravery, and determination. A thrilling show that interweaves coming-of-age themes with action-packed superhero adventures.


Young Justice: Season 1 - 26 Episode s

Other names for Young Justice

Young Justice: Phantoms (US)Young Justice: Invasion (US)Young Justice: Outsiders (US)Justiça Jovem: Espectros (BR)Justicia Joven: Espectros (MX)Genç Kahramanlar (TR)Genç Adalet (TR)Младежка лига: Нашествие (BG)شگفت انگیزان جوان (IR)

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