His Dark Materials (2019)

The truth lies beyond the world we know.

In an alternate reality where science, faith, and sorcery coexist, Lyra, an orphan, embarks on a thrilling quest to find her abducted friend. This search reveals a malevolent scheme linked to the disappearance of children, leading her to unravel the enigma of a mystical entity known as Dust. She is accompanied on this adventure by Will, a young boy wielding a unique knife capable of slicing passages between universes. Uncovering truths about her lineage and a foretold fate, both youngsters find themselves amidst a cosmic battle spanning multiple dimensions.


His Dark Materials: Season 1 - 8 Episode s

His Dark Materials: 4 Season s

Other names for His Dark Materials

HDM (US)黑暗物质三部曲 (CN)黑质三部曲 (CN)黑暗物质 (CN)黑暗三部曲 (CN)黄金罗盘 (CN)Його темні матеріали (UA)Темні початки (UA)His Dark Materials - Fronteiras do Universo (BR)À la croisée des mondes (FR)황금 나침반 (KR)황금나침반 (KR)Темные начала (RU)

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