Sherlock (2010)

A new sleuth for the 21st century.

The celebrated detective series, Sherlock (2010), introduces a contemporary twist on the classic sleuth and his medical associate, solving mysteries in today's London. This current reimagining showcases the famed duo tackling 21st-century crime, blending traditional deduction techniques with modern technology. Dive into the thrilling world of this modernized crime-fighting duo, set against the backdrop of today's bustling London.


Other names for Sherlock

神探夏洛克 (CN)新福尔摩斯 (CN)Σέρλοκ (GR)神探福爾摩斯 (HK)新福尔摩斯 (HK)셜록 (KR)Шерлок (RU)新世紀福爾摩斯 (TW)Šerlokas (LT)شرلوک هلمز (IR)Sherlok Xolms (UZ)

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