American Horror Story (2011)

What to suspect when you're expecting.

Explore the chilling world of American Horror Story (2011), a spine-tingling anthology series that delves into unique characters and settings in every season. From a haunted house with a dark history, a sinister asylum, and a mystical witch coven, to a disturbing freak show, a mysterious hotel, a haunted Roanoke farmhouse, a terrifying cult, an apocalyptic scenario, and a suspense-filled summer camp - this show offers a thrilling blend of horror and drama. Each season is a standalone story, making it a must-watch for horror enthusiasts.


American Horror Story: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

Other names for American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Delicate (US)American Horror Story: NYC (US)American Horror Story: Death Valley (US)American Horror Story: Red Tide (US)American Horror Story: Double Feature (US)American Horror Story: 1984 (US)American Horror Story: Apocalypse (US)American Horror Story: Cult (US)American Horror Story: Roanoke (US)American Horror Story: Coven (US)American Horror Story: Asylum (US)American Horror Story: Murder House (US)AHS (US)AHS Hotel (US)American Horror Story: Hotel (US)American Horror Story: Freak Show (US)美恐 (CN)סיפור אימה אמריקאי (IL)アメリカン・ホラー・ストーリー (JP)Американська історія жахів (UA)História de Horror Americana (BR)Uma História de Horror Americana (BR)Histoire d'horreur (CA)American Horror Story: La casa del crimen (ES)아메리칸 호러 스토리 (KR)Американская история ужасов (RU)American Horror Story - Die dunkle Seite in dir (DE)

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