Fuuto PI (2022)

Sometime after the events of Kamen Rider W, Shotaro Hidari and Philip continue to solve crimes and fight evil as superhero detectives in the windy city of Fuuto. Produced as one of 3 projects to celebrate Kamen Rider's 50th anniversary along with Kamen Rider Black Sun and Shin Kamen Rider.


Fuuto PI: Season 1 - 12 Episode s

Fuuto PI: 1 Season

Other names for Fuuto PI

FUUTO PI (US)Fuuto Private Eye (US)Fuuto Detectives (US)Fuuto Pi (CN)風都探偵 (CN)Fuuto Tantei (CN)风都侦探 (CN)假面骑士W (CN)假面骑士W续作 (CN)Fuuto Tantei (JP)Fūto Tantei (JP)風都偵探 (TW)

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