Gotham (2014)

Before Batman, there was Gotham.

Recognised far and wide is the name Commissioner Gordon, a formidable adversary in the criminal underworld, a figure equated with justice and peace. But what's the backstory of Gordon's ascent from a novice investigator to the Police Commissioner? How did he successfully traverse the labyrinth of covert corruption that controlled Gotham City, the birthplace of the world's most legendary antagonists? And what circumstances moulded these colossal personas such as Catwoman, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two-Face, and The Joker?

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Gotham: Season 1 - 22 Episode s

Other names for Gotham

哥谭 (CN)哥谭 2014 (CN)歌谭镇 (CN)暗都歌谭 (CN)哥谭市 (CN)גות'ם (IL)גות'אם (IL)גות'הם (IL)Готем (UA)Gotham: Vojna gangov (SK)

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