House of the Dragon (2022)

All must choose.

In the golden era of the Targaryen lineage, over 15 dragons were under their control, marking the zenith of their rule. However, like most empires, they faced an inevitable downfall. The fall commences when King Viserys defies a hundred years of tradition, naming his daughter, Rhaenyra, as his successor to the Iron Throne. The realm is thrown into chaos when, despite the birth of a son, Rhaenyra maintains her position as the heir, sparking discord and division throughout the kingdom.


House of the Dragon: Season 1 - 10 Episode s

Other names for House of the Dragon

The House That Dragons Built (US)HOTD (US)Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon (US)龙之家族 (CN)משחקי הכס: בית הדרקון (IL)Дім Дракона (UA)La Maison du Dragon (CA)House of the Dragon (FR)하우스 오브 더 드래곤 (KR)하우스 오브 드래곤 (KR)Casa do Dragão (PT)A Guerra dos Tronos: House of the Dragon (PT)Дом Таргариен (BG)خاندان اژدها (IR)

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