Juuko Tokusou Dinnovator (2021)

Juuko Tokusou Dinnovator, is a Japanese Tokusatsu web-television series created by AV company GIGA in homage to Toei's Metal HeroesIcon-crosswiki.png series. The show airs exclusively on YouTube for all-ages, with its final episode being exclusively on an adults-only DVD and digital download.


Juuko Tokusou Dinnovator: 1 Season

Actors in Juuko Tokusou Dinnovator

Other names for Juuko Tokusou Dinnovator

Beast Shell Special Equipment Dinnovator (US)Jyukou Tokusou Dinnovator (JP)Jūko Tokusō Dinobeitā (JP)Special Beast Armor Dinnovator (JP)

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