Shougeki Gouraigan (2013)

Only 100 days until the destruction of the earth. Is it okay for everyone to do it seriously...

In a world separate from the humans is a place called Chou Shinkai. In this world lives super beings called Hikaribito. However, among such people are those who commit crimes. Such people are known as Kageribito. The ruler of Chou Shinkai is the Shinkai King. There are monsters in Chou Shinkai called Magii. When Magii appear in the human world, they can be seen by people with strong spiritual senses. Since ancient times, Magii have been called mononoke or youkai. Hikaribito Gou and Navi travel across Chou Shinkai in their ship, the Bunba, to deliver the Kageribito to the land of exile. But when the transport mission goes wrong, Gou must gather a team of five brave people before the 1000 soldiers arrive in 100 days.


Shougeki Gouraigan: 1 Season

Other names for Shougeki Gouraigan

冲击豪烈刚 (CN)冲击Gouraigan (CN)Shōgeki Gouraigan (JP)衝擊!豪雷剛 (TW)衝擊豪烈剛 (TW)衝擊Gouraigan (TW)衝擊轟雷巖 (TW)

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