My Hero Academia (2016)

Enrolled in a renowned hero institution, a young boy with no superhuman abilities, who holds great admiration for superheroes, discovers the genuine essence of heroism. This is the captivating narrative of My Hero Academia (2016), a journey into a world where becoming a true hero transcends mere superpowers. Immerse yourself in this riveting tale of courage, resilience, and the pursuit of a heroic life.

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My Hero Academia: Season 1 - 13 Episode s

Other names for My Hero Academia

MHA (US)Boku No Hero Academia Memories (JP)Boku no Hero Academia (JP)Boku no Hero Academia 6 (JP)ヒロアカ (JP)Моя геройська академія (UA)Minha Academia de Herói (BR)Boku no Hero Academia (BR)나의 히어로 아카데미아 (KR)Boku no Hero (MX)Boku no Hero Academia (PL)My Hero Academia (PT)Anh Hùng Học Viện (VN)

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