Dragon Ball (1986)

In the remote mountain ranges, a martial arts expert named Gohan uncovered a peculiar boy, Goku. Gohan nurtured and schooled Goku in combat skills until his demise. Despite being alone, the youthful and incredibly powerful Goku thrived. One day, he encountered a teen girl called Bulma, on a quest for the legendary Dragon Balls, leading her to Goku's residence. United, they embarked on an adventure to gather all seven Dragon Balls, with the aim to fulfill her wish.


Dragon Ball: Season 1 - 100 Episode s

Dragon Ball: 2 Season s

Other names for Dragon Ball

Dragonball 1986 (US)Dragonball (US)Dragon Ball Recut (US)龙珠 (CN)七龙珠 (CN)Doragon bôru (JP)Перли Дракона (UA)Яйця Дракона (UA)As bólas máxicas (ES)Dragoi Bola (ES)Bola de Drac (ES)Bola de Dragón (ES)Dragon Ball et Les Boules de Cristal (FR)龙珠 (HK)드래곤볼 오리지널 (KR)Dragon Ball Latino (MX)Dragon Ball (MX)Dragon Ball (PT)Змајева кугла (RS)

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