One Piece (1999)

Set sail for One Piece!

In the past, the formidable Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was put to death, leaving behind a colossal treasure trove and the legendary "One Piece". The individual who captures the "One Piece" will be crowned as the next Pirate King. Monkey D. Luffy, a youngster who ingested a "Devil Fruit," is determined to trace the path of his hero, the pirate Shanks, and discover the One Piece. His rubber-like physique, coupled with a crew of proficient fighters and thieves, certainly makes his journey more promising. Luffy is unyieldingly committed to obtaining the One Piece and ascending the throne as the King of the Pirates!


One Piece: Season 1 - 61 Episode s

Other names for One Piece

One Piece (AD)ون بيس (AE)One Piece (AR)One Piece (AU)One Piece (BE)Wan Pisu (BE)One Piece (BR)One Piece (CA)航海王 (CN)Sailing King (CN)海贼王 (CN)海盗王 (CN)Pirate King (CN)One Piece (ES)One Piece (FR)Wan Pisu (FR)One Piece (GB)Drake, the Hunting of the Treasure (GR)One Piece (GR)One Piece (HK)One Piece (ID)וואן פיס (IL)Ek Tukda (IN)One Piece (IN)Tutti All'arrembaggio (IT)All'arrembaggio! (IT)One Piece: Tutti All'arrembaggio! (IT)One Piece (IT)One Piece: All Boarding! (IT)One Piece (JP)ワンピース (JP)원피스 (KR)One Piece (MX)Budak Getah (MY)Rubber Boy (MY)One Piece (PH)وَن پِیس (PK)One Piece (PL)One Piece (PT)Большой Куш (RU)Jackpot (RU)One Piece (RU)ون بيس (SA)One Piece (SG)วันพีซ (TH)One Piece (TH)Lastik Çocuk (TR)Rubber Boy (TR)航海王 (TW)Sailing King (TW)海賊王 (TW)Pirate King (TW)One Piece 1999 (TW)One Piece (US)One Piece 1999 (US)One Piece: Đảo Hải Tặc (VN)One Piece: Pirate Island (VN)海贼王S01:东海篇 (CN)海贼王S02:伟大航路突入篇 (CN)海贼王S03:冬岛篇 (CN)海贼王S04:阿拉巴斯坦篇 (CN)Єдиний Скарб (UA)ВЕЛИКИЙ КУШ (UA)海贼王1999 (CN)One.Piece (CN)One Pisu (US)

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