Silo (2023)

The truth will surface.

In a post-apocalyptic and hazardous future, a society thrives in a colossal subterranean silo stretching hundreds of stories below the earth's surface. This community, home to both men and women, operates under a set of stringent rules which they perceive as safeguards for their survival. The TV show, Silo (2023), explores this unique existence in a world forever transformed.

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Silo: 1 Season

Other names for Silo

Wool (US)羊毛战记 (CN)Бункер (UA)사일로 (KR)지하 창고 사일로의 비밀 (KR)지하창고 사일로의 비밀 (KR)울 (KR)Бункер (RU)

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