House of Promises (2022)

Great feelings in difficult times

Berlin in the 1920s. A dazzling place, but times are not only golden, they are marked by poverty and crime. Vicky arrives in the city, led by promises of a better life, she’s looking for a job. But as soon as she gets there, her hopes and dreams are met with a cold awakening. With no place to stay and nothing to her name, she hires on to work as a saleswoman at a newly-established, glamorous department store. But the founders are also fighting for survival, just like Vicky. Times are tough, and it’s about to get tougher.


House of Promises: 2 Season s

Other names for House of Promises

The House of Promises (GB)The House of Dreams (GB)Lupausten linnake (FI)Къщата на обещанията (BG)Dům snů (CZ)

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