Black Mirror (2011)

The future is bright.

In the past decade, technology has revolutionized our lifestyle in ways we've barely had time to comprehend. Present in every household, adorning every desk, and held in every hand - be it a plasma screen, a computer monitor, or a smartphone - the black mirror serves as a stark reflection of our modern, 21st Century existence.

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Other names for Black Mirror

黑鏡 (CN)מראה שחורה (IL)ブラック・ミラー (JP)Чорне дзеркало (UA)بلاك ميرور (AE)Ispilu Beltza (ES)Espejo Negro (ES)Black Mirror (ES)Miroir noir (FR)Black Mirror (IT)블랙 미러 (KR)Czarne lustro (PL)Black Mirror (PT)Черное зеркало (RU)แบล็ก มิร์เรอร์ (TH)Kara Ayna (TR)Черното огледало (BG)Black Mirror (DK)Black Mirror (NL)Црно Огледало (RS)Black Mirror (SE)Juodasis veidrodis (LT)შავი სარკე (GE)Црно огледало (MK)Чорнае люстэрка (BY)Neynika Reş (SY)Qara güzgü (AZ)

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