Naruto (2002)

Naruto Uzumaki, a spirited teenage ninja, battles through hurdles as he seeks acknowledgment and aspires to be the Hokage, the pinnacle of power and respect in his village. This adventurous journey of Naruto, loaded with action and endurance, is sure to keep the audience hooked. His dream to become the strongest ninja leader underlines the essence of this popular 2002 TV show, Naruto.


Naruto: Season 1 - 52 Episode s

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Naruto Part 1 (US)火影忍者 2002 (CN)火影忍者 (CN)NARUTO -ナルト- (JP)Naruto 2002 (BE)Naruto Clássico (BR)Naruto el Origen (ES)Naruto Origin (FR)Naruto 2002 (FR)나루토 (KR)Naruto (MX)Naruto Latino (MX)Naruto (PH)Naruto Phần 1 (VN)Naruto Classic (DE)

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